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Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi

The purposes of the Groundswell meeting that took place last May is perhaps finally getting off the ground. Conservatives can begin to constantly say ‘Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi’ as messaging for 2014. Unfortunately, the Benghazi message it is to no avail. Chiefly because the story has no legs to stand on. According to Chris Matthews“it was a copycat situation Benghazi, came out of what happened in Cairo – which itself probably came out of that crazy movie out of LA .” In an interview 2/24/14 Chris Matthews talked with Alex Wagner and David Corn about the constant and persistent attacks on Hillary Clinton over Benghazi.

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The New York Times produced a lengthy update on a story that conservatives complain the media ignores, but most won’t like what it says. David Kirkpatrick traveled to Benghazi to dig into the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, a terrorist attack that left four Americans dead — on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. Kirkpatrick argues that one motive for the attack was indeed the YouTube video, “Innocence of Muslims,” clips of which aired days before on Egyptian television and watched by the terror networks in and around Benghazi.” The article was entitled, ‘Hey, that YouTube video did have something to do with Benghazi attack after all”

Hopefully conservatives are aware that death is the consequence for defaming the Prophet Mohammad. If they aren't, then they are not qualified to be US Senators. It would be urgent that we vote them out and opt for people who care about the customs of the world around us. Millions of people saw the video online. There were Face Book groups composed of Muslims, Christians, and Jews who had learned about each other’s customs and had discussed the expected long before the riots occurred.

Clearly, there is no way that in this day and age anyone could believe that there were not worldwide witnesses to the video. It was all atwitter on Twitter. It was made apparent by Social Media. Muslims saw it in Cairo, just like Americans saw it here. So the lies about the video not existing are garbage. Again, the Senators who are blaming Hillary Clinton knew what the consequences for that video would be. It was and is death. That is just the way it is, everybody knows that. America was shocked to learn that to speak against the Prophet Mohammad is punishable by death.

In 2010, it was big news about a Christian woman who was sentenced to hang in Pakistan after being convicted of defaming the Prophet Mohammed. The world understood the consequences of blaspheming the Prophet. The concept is not new to anyone. America had been in deep discussion over the matter. Social Media Networks wrote to beg for her life. If conservatives still don’t get it there is a problem. Perhaps a couple more examples will help.

Al-Saarim al-Maslool, 2/438
“Insulting the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is one of the worst of forbidden actions, and it constitutes kufr and apostasy from Islam, according to scholarly consensus, whether done seriously or in jest. The one who does that is to be executed even if he repents and whether he is a Muslim or a kaafir. If he repents sincerely and regrets what he has done, this repentance will benefit him on the Day of Resurrection and Allaah will forgive him.”

When a 14-year-old boy from the Syrian city of Aleppo named Mohammad Qattawas asked to bring one of his customers some coffee, he reportedly refused, saying, "Even if [Prophet] Mohammed comes back to life, I won’t."”

'Qatta, in refusing to serve a customer coffee – it's not clear why – had used a phrase that the Islamist rebels took as an insult toward the Prophet Mohammed, the most important figure in Islam. That offhand comment, made by a boy, was apparently enough for these rebels to warrant a grisly execution and public warning.”

The rebels waited for a crowd to gather; Qatta's parents were among them. Speaking in classical Arabic, they announced that Qatta had committed blasphemy and that anyone else who dared insult the Prophet Mohammed would share his fate. Then, the shirt still wrapped around the boy's head, the rebels shot him in the mouth and neck.”

So then it is clear that the video did exist, and American's paid with their lives for what some thoughtless person in the US did. We are all aware, so ignorance is no excuse.

Consider this, John McCain was captured and held in North Viet Nam for five years. He understands the culture of the people whether he wants to or not. To assume he is ignorant of such things is senseless. John McCain is anything except ignorant, moreover he is an American hero and he is an honorable man. Democrats will rally for him if it appears he is being attacked. Why? John McCain is an intelligent and honorable man. Perhaps he veers off then and again, but it is not likely that John McCain will be able to continue this charade, but by Tea Party pressure.

The main religion in North Viet Nam is Buddhism, however, roughly one-third of the Vietnamese are Muslims. There is no way that John McCain was a prisoner of war for five years without learning something about Islamic culture. Therefore he knows when he blames Benghazi on Hillary Clinton, he is not being honest. Of course, that is no surprise albeit John McCain is much more honest than many of the senators he works with. Following is a clear explanation of what the posted video is about.

“Sep 12, 2012 ~ “US embassy guards in Egypt's capital city Cairo have opened fire at angry Egyptians who had gathered to protest an anti-Islam movie made in the United States. The incident occurred on Tuesday after thousands of Egyptians held a mass demonstration outside the US embassy in the capital. The anti-Islam movie criticizes Islam's Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The protesters scaled the walls of the embassy, pulled down the US flag, and called for the expulsion of the US ambassador to Cairo. They also asked the US government to apologize to the Muslim world over the release of the movie produced by expatriate members of Egypt's Christian minority resident in the US.

‘Meanwhile, protests against the US film turned violent in Libya leaving casualties in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi. Libyan Deputy Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharef said one staff member of the US consulate was killed and a security guard was injured during clashes at the consulate building. Witnesses said protesters attacked and set fire to the consulate building while gunmen and security forces clashed. Rocket-propelled grenades were also fired at the US consulate. Press TV has conducted an interview with Abdul Alim Musa, Imam of Masjid al-Islam, to further discuss the issue.”

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