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George W. Bush and the Sanctity of Life
George W. Bush and the Sanctity of Life
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Respect and silence for all people who have died, especially those fighting to defend our nation and its ideals.

Because one life is valuable and tragic to lose.

Our country was attacked. The President did not realize that a militant, anti American group was behind the violence.

Other motives were set forth. In the aftermath of sorrow and rage and fear, the citizens and the leaders sought to piece together the reasons for violence against Americans by people from other nations.

Of course, the administration had rejected being briefed about Al Qaeda. Their thoughts, and frankly motives, were frozen in another time and place. One of the top diplomats was a specialist in the Cold War. Others were eyeing the oil in the mid-East and salivating.

So a war was launched.

Wait. Screech. Slow down.

Of course this is about George W. Bush. Who willfully and ignorantly pushed away intelligence memos about an attack. His people were not interested in hearing about this violent sect. The other Ms. Rice (Condi not Susan) rolled her eyes like a cat clock when Richard Clarke tried to update the new administration about Al Qaeda.

And as history has shown and Fox News and the Bush Library are unable to rewrite, the administration- with a stolen mandate and a war criminal mentality- dove into a battle morass with the wrong country.

And thus exacerbated the threat.

And yet this country, and the Congress with otiose cowardice that should bring eternal shame, backed President Bush and his necrophiliac, neocon entourage. They, we, threw away thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. To further alienate many Arabs.

Our hearts should be heavy about the four who died in the attack in Benghazi.

And the 3000 that perished on 9/11. And our soldiers either killed or maimed who were set forth on a fool’s errand.

And all the innocent people seen as simply collateral damage.

But by all means, investigate Benghazi.


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