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Bengals quarterback throws up twice during game, then throws touchdown pass

Bengals QB Matt Scott may have been a bit nervous.
Bengals QB Matt Scott may have been a bit nervous.

Trying to get a job in the NFL can be very nerve-racking, and it would be understanding if a player was a tad scared when heading out onto the field for the first time. That's what the case was with former University of Arizona quarterback Matt Scott. As NESN reported on Aug. 8, 2014, Scott got on the field for the first time as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals and proceeded to throw up twice and then throw a touchdown.

Yes, he puked twice and then zipped one into the end zone.

As SBNation reports, Matt Scott is a real long-shot to make the Bengals' roster and he's currently listed as the fourth quarterback on the depth chart. He's behind newly-paid starter Andy Dalton, veteran Jason Campbell, and newly drafted Alabama star AJ McCarron.

During the Bengals' first 2014 preseason game of the season, they were taking on the Kansas City Chiefs, and it didn't end well. The Bengals lost 41-39, but Scott did show a good bit on the field.

At the time he came out onto the field to face off with the Chiefs, Matt Scott threw up once as he lined up behind the offensive line. Shortly after, he threw up while players were changing out for the new formation. A minute or so later, Scott threw a strike for a touchdown to Conner Vernon.

It was actually Scott's second touchdown pass of the evening as he finished 7-of-11 for 66 yards and the two scores. He also led the Bengals in rushing yards with 68, and he did all of it in just three drives.

Apparently, throwing up on the field is nothing new for Matt Scott.

During his time at Arizona, Scott threw up during a game against USC and then later in a game against Utah. The latter happened after he suffered a concussion and it brought much criticism to the coaching staff for treatment of their players.

If not with the Bengals, Matt Scott could possibly bring his tough nature to another team in the NFL.

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