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Bengal Tiger Facts

Bengal Tiger Beauty
Bengal Tiger Beauty

Bengal Tiger

Panthera tigris tigris

Geographical Range: The Bengal tiger is most numerous in the mangrove forest of the Sudarbans in
eastern India and Bangladesh where the River Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal. They are also found in other areas of India as well as some parts of Nepal and Burma.

Habitat: These tigers prowl the tropical jungle, brush, marsh lands and tall grasslands of their habitat.

Physical Characteristics: Weighing as much as 500 pounds, the Bengal tiger is reddish orange with narrow black,gray or brown stripes. Its underside is creamy white. Golden tigers are a product of multi cross breeding with white tigers and normal Bengal tigers.

Did you know?
•The roar of a Bengal tiger may be heard up to two miles away.
•A tiger is a voracious eater. It can kill the equivalent of 30 buffalo a year, and eat up to 65 pounds of
meat in one night.
•The territorial male tiger usually travels alone, marking his boundaries with urine, droppings and scratch marks to ward off trespassers.

It is estimated that there are less than 3,000 Bengal tigers left in the wild. It is listed as endangered.


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