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Benefits what benefits

As the larger part of our population is moving into the retirement age, how will we handle the new direction of health care in America? It was not that long ago we were talking about how this health care we just begun will help families and young children. Certainly it will do that and more, the problem is what will happen to the millions of baby boomers heading into retirement and have been handed not a curve ball, rather a whole new turnpike which is under construction.

The coffers of social security and Medicare have been raided and put out of the reach for most Americans. Baby Boomers have worked hard for the golden ring from the carousal of employment. Their parents were the generation who fought WWII and wanted something more for their children. They had a rocky road to travel and wanted to have a paved road for their children.

Working with the elderly daily ones hears over and over the betrayal and depression from loss. The elderly had worked hard for a better way of life and piece of the pie; they had never seen a brighter future for families and this country. Now they look at what is left and wonder what will their children and grandchildren have, because the horizon seems very bleak. and check the news out of our capital and state legislators.

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