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Benefits of whey protein in your diet

Whey protein is actually a mixture of a variety of proteins. Whey is the liquid material often used in cheese production. Whey protein typically comes in powder form and is added to protein shakes or other drinks and food items. Whey protein is also good for more sensitive tastes because it can be mixed with just about anything. There are a variety of benefits to drinking whey protein shakes, not just for muscle building, which is what many people drink it for.

Weight Loss

Aside from building muscle, whey protein can also be used to help people lose weight. Recent studies show that the high protein level of whey protein shakes helps curb the appetite, which can help people lose weight. Generally, higher protein diets help with appetites, and keep people on diets from wanting to eat higher fat or high sugary foods. Shakes with whey protein can also be made to be low in calories, depending on the ingredients it is mixed with. Another way weight loss is improved with whey protein is because the protein gives you a nice boost of energy, which you can use for getting more exercise each day.


Whey protein also has a good benefit for the blood sugar and insulin levels of people with diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes, drinking even one whey protein shake every day can reduce your blood sugar and make you feel better. However, you should consult your doctor before drinking a lot of whey protein shakes and how they can affect other medications you are taking.


Many children struggle with allergies, especially those of the skin. Some studies have shown the benefits of children taking a whey protein formula supplement in order to help alleviate the side effects of allergies. Whey protein helps with children or babies that are allergic to cow’s milk and can be more cost effective than traditional lactose-free formulas. It is more beneficial to children up to three years old.

Appetite Suppressant

As mentioned already, whey protein is a great appetite suppressant. Not only is it good for losing weight, but any time someone is having problems with their large appetite, they can try consuming more protein through a whey protein shake. It reduces the amount of food eaten over a certain period of time, though not so much they are not getting the right amount of nutrients every day. It simply helps you feel fuller between meals, avoiding unnecessary snacking.

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