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Benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act

The Affordable Health Care Act is very controversial, but most experts agree that it’s here to stay. That means that every American family needs to learn all they can about the Act and how they can select health insurance that will allow them to benefit the most from the Act.
Fortunately, there are several advantages to the Affordable Health Care Act that can help most families. Make sure that you are utilizing these parts of the law.
1. Free preventative care. Under the AHCA, all insurance companies must provide preventative health services free of charge. This includes vaccinations, an annual physical, and many other routine tests and procedures. It has been in multiple studies that these procedures will decrease your chances of falling ill or getting a variety of diseases from the common cold to heart disease. This means that it is to your advantage to take advantage of any and all free screenings and other preventative services.
2. Patient’s Bill of Rights. The AHCA has specified the specific rights that patients’ have when making appointments, visiting their doctors, or being admitted to the hospital. This list states that your insurance cannot be withdrawn at any time, you have the right to keep your doctor, and much more. Use this bill or rights when finding a new doctor, or when you are trying to negotiate with your insurance company.
3. Premium dollars must be spent on healthcare. According to the law, no more than twenty percent of the premiums you pay can go towards administrative costs, including profit for the insurance companies. In many cases, the amount is capped at fifteen percent. This means that the money you pay will go towards providing you with health care, not lining the pockets of an insurance company. If the money you pay is not spent on healthcare, it has to be refunded. Starting this year, many people already received refund checks, and their premiums have been lowered accordingly for next year. In addition to decreasing health insurance rates for many people, this part of the law also ensures that you will not overpay for your insurance.
In addition to these big advantages, the AHCA also allows adult children to stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26 (a big advantage for young adults who are working part-time while going to school), makes several provisions to ensure that minor children receive health care, and much more.

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