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Benefits of raising your own chickens and fish

Raising your own chickens and even having your own fish pond are wonderful ways to be able to raise and eat fresh eggs daily, chicken meat and have your pick of fresh fish right in your own back yard pond whenever you want with no worries about the processing of the meats.

This is a nice laying hen that lays one egg a day while the weather is warm
Dianne Tyndall

You will know what you are eating because you are feeding the animals, not some big company that adds growth hormones and other toxic chemicals to the animals meals then in-turn passing the nasty hormones and chemical additives on to you and your children’s dinner plates making them and you fatter and unhealthier day by day.

You can feed about a dozen chickens with one 50 pound bag of corn per month and you can supplement the chickens by feeding them all of your left over fruits and vegetables instead of throwing them away, this way you are making the animals healthier and in-turn making yourself healthier.

If you grow your own garden they can eat your garden waste, such as carrot tops, watermelon rinds, fruit peelings, along with whatever fruits and vegetables you grow.

Let them out of their chicken pen in the daytime and they can graze the yard for bugs and eat grass. Make sure they are secure in your yard from neighboring cats, dogs or other predators that might harm them.

Catfish are a great breed of fish to raise they are very tasty and easy to care for. If you decide to raise catfish you can buy 50 pound bags of catfish pellets to feed your fish.

Whatever you decide to raise just know your animals will be healthier than store bought ones and you can taste the difference in the eggs and the meat. Home grown animal meat and eggs are always better tasting then store bought.

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