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Benefits of putting your child in a Preschool

Why should I put my child in a Preschool when I can stay home with them? That is a very good question. It is important that parents spend time with their children but it can be a benefit to your child to have them in a preschool as well. As in Psychology Today “Getting Ahead: Why Preschool Benefits the Brain it’s important to lay the ground work in a child’s skills and abilities before they reach school.

Children learning together
Photo by Lisa Lake

Socialize with peers- children need to learn how to be around their peers. They need to understand that in school they have to take turns and interact with children their own age. This can be easier for them to work on when they aren’t so focused on the lessons they are trying to learn at school.

Interactions with teacher- Children need to get use to taking direction from a teacher. Understanding that they can trust a teacher to keep them safe and teach them new things.
Separation from parents- Separating from parents can be a traumatic experience for children. If you start them in a preschool the group sizes are smaller and the child could have more one on one attention to get used to being away from their parents.

Learn skills- A preschool setting is set up so that there are areas for learning experience. Your child will learn how to move through a classroom with other children. They will learn skills and do activities that you may not have thought of.

Ready for school- Preschools are in the business of getting children ready for school. They work on the skills that are needed for school and help with the socialization needed. In Vanderbilt University research news “Understanding the lifelong benefits of preschool” by Liz Entman talks more about the benefits of putting your child in preschool.

Putting your child in a preschool could give them the head start they need to be successful in school. Set your child up for success.

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