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Benefits of omega 3 fatty acids: What are they? (healthy eating tips)

Intro: The benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are many, although if you were to ask people what they are, they would probably most often cite the heart health benefits. However, many more exist. Read below to learn more about omega 3s and to learn about some of the sources of omega 3s.

Benefits of Omega 3 on Learning and Behavior

School children gain many benefits from omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients may influence the synaptic organization in the brain from childhood through adolescence.

The Oxford Durham Trial demonstrated that children affected by ADHD and dyslexia showed improvement in their reading and writing skills.

They also showed some improvements in behavior and memory. This study demonstrated the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids in helping to improve these children's overall performance in school.

Other Benefits of Omega 3s - Help With Depression

According to the Mayo Clinic,

Fish oil supplements may help ease symptoms of depression in some people. A few studies in adults suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.

That said, it is not known how much of an impact that omega 3s would have on depression if they were used as the main treatment for depression.

For more information about omega 3 benefits plus sources of omega 3 fatty acids, watch the video at the top of the screen for a more comprehensive look at this important nutrient.

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