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Benefits of marriage

I often write about the problems in marriages. Sorry about that. I'm not a pessimist. I just want to offer help where it's needed. This article is different. It does offered help, just in another way.

Marriage is hard. Definitely. It's also fun, amazing, exciting, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Yes, I know. That's not a real word, but I needed something big and theatrical to fully express how much I love marriage. Everyone talks about the ugly side of marriage, but what about the benefits? People in healthy marriages are, in general, happier and healthier than those that aren't. A good marriage lead to a good family. A good family leads to a good community. Good communities lead to good societies. I could go on. Healthy marriages are the tiny pebbles whose benefits ripple outward.

I can hear your inner skeptic. It's saying "I know tons of married people that aren't happy or healthy." Sure you do. Unfortunately, that's the world we live in, but those aren't the married people im talking about. The ones that are happily married, the ones that make the conscious decision to love and commit, they are my focus.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, women in healthy marriages are physically and emotionally healthier, have better relationships with their children, and are less likely to end up or stay in poverty. Men from this same group live longer, have increased job stability, have more satisfying sex lives, and are less likely to commit violent crimes. Communities with higher percentages of happy couples exhibit benefits as well. Their inhabitants have lower domestic violence rates, less juvenile delinquency, and lower teen pregnancy rates.  Clearly, it pays to be happily married.  If you're unhappily married and would like to make improvements, try a marriage meeting. It may be the first step to getting back on the right track.

Sending beautiful energy your way,

~Nadirah Angail

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  • Marcia Naomi Berger 5 years ago

    Thank you again, Nadirah, for so many wise, beautiful columns. I appreciate your link to my article about Marriage Meetings. Please tell your readers that Marriage Meetings are great for people in good marriages who want to make them better. I have a wonderful marriage. My husband and I have been conducting Marriage Meetings ever since learning how shortly after our honeymoon 21 years ago! No matter how good a relationship is, it can always get better. Marriage Meetings empower both partners to keep their relationship growing and thriving.

    I'm subscribing to your column.

    All the best,
    Naomi AKA Marcia Naomi Berger, San Francisco Relationship Communication Examiner (

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