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Benefits of joining a local mothers of multiples club

Mothers of multiples clubs provide support in many ways
Mothers of multiples clubs provide support in many ways
Leigh Ann Torres

Raising multiples is a daunting task, from getting through the often difficult pregnancy, to juggling feeding and nap schedules with two infants, to dealing with the terrible twos and threes, times two or three. Where is a mother of twins, triplets, or more to turn when she needs support?

Her local mothers of multiples club, of course!

Fellow members of a mothers of multiples club are there to help, guide and support each other every step of the way.

What is a mothers of multiples club, and how do I find one?

A mothers of multiples club is a non profit organization that brings together parents and guardians of multiple birth children. Multiples clubs offer a wide range of support options and events for members. All parents of multiples are welcome, and expectant moms are especially encouraged to join. There is usually a small annual fee.

Ask your local OBGYN or pediatrician whether your town offers a mothers of multiples club. Most states also have a multiples organization that can help you locate one in your city. For example, parents in Texas can search on the Texas Mothers of Multiples website for a local club simply by entering their city or geographic area. The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs also offers nationwide searches.

What does a mothers of multiples club offer?

Multiples clubs offer a wide variety of opportunities for parents to find and offer support and get to know one another. Monthly meetings feature guest speakers on various topics, as well as break out groups for different ages of children. Most offer semi annual consignment sales, play groups and seasonal festivals, as well as online forums for members to pose questions, provide answers, and share information. Many close friendships are formed between moms of multiples who take advantage of their club’s opportunities. Many moms also get together for informal Mom’s Night Out once a month.

Austin Mothers of Multiples hosts an annual silent auction, raises money for the March of Dimes in the spring’s March for Babies, and works with a local photographer in to provide families cost effective, yet beautiful family photos. A care group provides meals to new parents or any member who can use a hand, and a NICU support group provides support, encouragement, and advice for those with babies intensive care.

Why should I join?

Members join for many different reasons, but most are seeking support in parenting twins, triplets, or more. Austin MoM Liz Fawcett joined when her twins were about six months old, “looking for some parenting support. I immediately wished I had joined right when we found out I was expecting twins!” Most moms cite that making friends and receiving advice on the forums or at meetings as the greatest benefits to belonging to the group. Says Austin MoM Vanessa Habben, “I have made many life long friends and met so many wonderful people. I love the feeling that if I ever needed anything, I would know right where to turn.”

How long is a membership?

Most clubs offer annual memberships, and members can continue to renew as long as they like. As their multiples grow older, many moms remain members of their clubs because of the activities they offer and the friends they have made.

Resources for parents of multiples:

Austin Mothers of Multiples

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National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs

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