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Benefits of cocout oil for beauty

DoTerra Coconut Oil
DoTerra Coconut Oil

So I know that this article will mostly pertain to the ladies, but men listen up too! This is my number one health and beauty secret: Coconut Oil! All of my life I have struggled with cellulite, and as a 21 year-old personal trainer I did not understand my dilemma. Wasn’t I working out more than most, eating a low fat diet, and doing all things possible in order to beat it? It turns out that I was severely misled!

When a person is consuming a diet that is high in preservatives and chemicals which are found in most packaged foods and grains, your body will try to eliminate their toxic reactions in any way possible, and unfortunately for most women, the safest place to store these chemicals are in the fat cells in your butt and upper thighs. But there is good news! I have been working for months on a natural way to deal with this issue of mine, and the answer is Coconut Oil! My beauty regimen to beat cellulite is to cover my entire body with coconut oil after every shower, including my face. I also eliminated all preservatives from my diet which has led to a healthy glow in my skin and the elimination of most of the toxins which my body was storing. I noticed after a few weeks of doing this that not only was my cellulite diminishing, but my few acne breakouts were gone as well! My body was starting to restore itself from the inside out, cleaning up those pesky chemicals and bacteria that had no right to be in my body!

I now no longer use any lotion or other body products besides coconut oil. This is very shocking to most people as I live in a desert climate in Western Texas, but there is no need! Coconuts are naturally moisturizing, which also helps me to eliminate using even more toxic chemicals which can be found in most moisturizing beauty products.

And one final thing that coconut oil is good for? Whitening your teeth! That’s right you can get model-white teeth by doing what is called oil pulling. Rinse your mouth with liquid coconut oil for twenty minutes every other day (I usually do this while I am performing chores around the house). The coconut oil pulls toxins out of your teeth and gums, so at the end of the twenty minutes your mouth will taste very gross and the oil will be cloudy. As the toxins disappear from your mouth your teeth will start to shine a bright white and your gums a healthy pink! So get yourself some coconut oil at your local health food store and be ready for some amazing results!