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Benefits of buying local food


More and more individuals are returning to basics and buying locally grown food.  It is fresher, more nutritious and better tasting.  It is good for the environment and for the local economy.  Not convinced?  There are numerous reasons to buy locally.  Here are three solid ones:

  1. Buying local food keeps local farmers working.  Less than 1% of the population claim farming as their primary occupation, and it is no wonder given the wage paid to the farmer by the multitude of larger grocers found all across America.  Buying from the farmer directly cuts out the middle man.  Keeping farmers working may also ensure that future generations have access to local, flavorful, abundant food.
  2. Local food tastes better and is better for you.  Produce loses nutrients quickly.  Food grown locally was likely picked within the last few days versus the last few weeks or longer.  Locally raised meat is typically organic and free from growth hormones and other artificial fillers.
  3. Open space is preserved by buying local food, which supports a cleaner environment.  Most family farms understand the resource of fertile soil and clean water.  Farmers plant cover crops which prevent erosion and replace nutrients used by their crops, which in turn captures emissions and fight against global warming.  Most family farms are home to many species of wildlife, which would not exist should the farm disappear.

Where does one find this local food?  Look for food cooperatives and farmers markets in your area.  The following websites may help:

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