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Benefits of 'body weight' training

Executive Pushups
Executive Pushups
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Using your body as resistance or as some might call it "old school workouts," are perfect for the more disciplined fitness buff.

This use of the basic exercises: squats, push ups, lunges ( any variation), pull ups, planks, arm dips, etc. ; are an excellent regimen for a person looking to develop a daily regimen, for overall strength and muscle tone, without a lot of fuss!

Any combination of these exercises for twenty to thirty minutes/ five days a week does wonders, and is basically equipment free, saving time, with minimal space needed.

Please feel free to add some modern versions of body weight exercises, ex: burpees, superman, crescent rows.

It makes perfectly good sense, simply because your body knows how much weight and resistance or can withstand. It is also easier to motivate oneself if you can do it spontaneously, or plan it.....simply because it is less of a "production", and can be done at home.

Always remember to get your doctors advice before starting any exercise, and warm up thoroughly; like doing a full sun stretch before beginning.

Whatever you do...switch up your routine weekly, to avoid boredom.

Have a blast, creating your own workout.

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