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Benefits and savings of container gardening

raised bed gardening
raised bed gardening
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Growing your own vegetables may seem a daunting task. You may not think its possible for many reasons; maybe you live in the city and don't have a yard, or think it requires too much time and work. The fact is, anyone can grow a few veggies anywhere, with limited space and time, for mere pocket change.

Lets cover the benefits of growing your own veggies:
1. Savings - growing vegetables costs mere cents per plant, and plants produce all season
2. health benefits - home grown eliminates growth additives and pesticides
3. Freshness - it doesn't get any fresher than picking it from the plant
4. Satisfying - gardening and reaping the benefits is truly therapeutic

Basic vegetables can be grown in flower pots on your porch or patio if you don't have or want to use yard space. These include tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers. An added bonus with the vines from cucumbers and squash is that they can be decorative climbing a piece of lattice, fencing, or trellis and add a bit of privacy as well. Radishes can grow in a window box or planter, as can beets. Carrots can grow in a large planter or barrel. Once you harvest simply replant for another harvest.

The savings and convenience can't be beat. A pack of seeds costs less than a dollar, and you don't need expensive soil. I buy much of mine at discount stores, like Dollar General or Family Dollar, as well as many of my pots and containers.Growing your own vegetables can be fun, relaxing, and rewarding. You get to save money while also enjoying the convenience of having fresh food at your fingertips and being green.
So until next time - Happy Saving!

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