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Benefit for C.O.P.P. to feature great Kansas City talent, Coyote Bill, many more

Coyote Bill (guitar) with Scottyboy Daniel (harp)
Coyote Bill (guitar) with Scottyboy Daniel (harp)
Guinevere Patterson

The Kansas City blues crowd is a special kind of underground music community. Though Kansas City is well known as a blues city around the world, the average resident of KC may not be any more aware of what Kansas City blues is all about and where folks can go to find it than a visitor from anywhere else in the world. Kansas City has a proud, strong blues society (the KCBS) that is very active in putting together events and promoting them, and musicians and blues enthusiasts from the local blues crowd do more than their share of promoting blues related events as well; however, the blues community here is really comprised of about four or five thousand people in a city of about 500,000 people, one of the top forty most populated cities in the United States for more than twenty years. That being said, it is amazing how effectively our blues fans and musicians sponsor, initiate, and participate in helpful benefit shows and events.

Every year this underground community puts its efforts and its money into a wide variety of worthy causes, like cancer survivor funds, Harvesters food drives, keeping kids off the streets, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome benefits, and many more. And they're doing it again this December. The Hideout Bar & Grill will be playing host to a benefit on December 10, 2010 for C.O.P.P. Incorporated, an organization that works to do just what it's name implies; “Care of Poor People Incorporated” says it all. The benefit will feature loads of talent from our local blues community, including a well known slide guitar aficionado, Coyote Bill, who is organizing the event.

When asked how the benefit would play out, Coyote Bill said, “It's a clothing drive for C.O.P.P. So far I have scheduled to appear: Crosseyed Cat, The Black Bottom Band, Bobby Carson's 11th Dimension, my band [Coyote Bill and His Wild Ones], and I have solo acts scheduled to play short sets in between bands. Stovepipe [Perkins of the band Knock Kneed Sally] said he'd do a solo set, Paul Wilkes too.... There's a handful of other possible surprise guests too. We are trying to raise clothing and survival supplies for homeless people.”

If you are reading this, then you are probably among the select few in Kansas City who can count themselves as part of a subculture that not only celebrates our blues heritage, but continuously focuses the forces of this small, but strong community on helping those in need.

According to their website, Care of Poor People Inc., otherwise referred to as C.O.P.P., “is a non- profit organization that is dedicated to helping those that are struggling in our community as well as teaching other communities how to do the same! We aid the homeless as well as people that have housing, but have fallen into hard times and simply need some assistance for the basic necessities to live.

“C.O.P.P. has put together on-going community programs and has several large warehouse events each year that are specifically targeted at providing food and clothing to those in need. It is through the help and generosity of many volunteers and businesses that these events are put on. Please look through our website to read further about our events and programs to see how you too can be involved with helping those in need in Kansas City!”

Please find out more about the December 18th benefit at the Hideout Bar and Grill by following information provided by Coyote Bill at his band's website,, and check out the C.O.P.P website to learn about the worthy cause which this event is dedicated to at

December 18, 2010, Hideout Bar & Grill, Benefit for C.O.P.P., Coyote Bill and His Wild Ones, Paul Wilkes, Bobby Carson's 11th Dimension, Cross Eyed Cat, Stovepipe Perkins, Black Bottom Band, more to come


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