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Benefit Before Feature

Benefit Before Feature

If you have attended one of my sales training seminars, you will remember me using this term. “Benefit before Feature” is a basic marketing philosophy and concept.

The fact that you have a great product or service is wonderful. The prospect or client is often bombarded with claims of superiority. What they really need to know is how it will impact them to use your services or products. You have to reduce it to benefit. This will be a different message than they are used to hearing. For that reason, you will get their attention and have a much better chance of creating a favorable buying environment.

The benefit statement, for example:

"Your clients will be impressed with our team’s knowledge of our business. You will find that we understand more and cut to the chase more quickly, saving you time and money. While many can provide a product or a service, few can meet your needs and make you more productive. Cost is not always what you pay for a product or service, but rather, how easily you can operate your business.”

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