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Benedict at peace: Pope Benedict said to be doing well, 'at peace' with himself

Pope Benedict in 2012
Pope Benedict in 2012
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Pope Benedict is at peace now according to Archbishop Georg Ganswein. On Feb. 10, NewsOXY reported that Benedict is doing well one year after he resigned from the papacy. Over the course of the previous 8 years, Benedict didn't always have it easy and he was often criticized. However, now that he has stepped away from it all, he's been able to come to terms with things in the past.

"Pope Benedict is at peace with himself and I think he is even at peace with the Lord," explained Ganswein. "I am certain, indeed convinced, that history will offer a judgment that will be different than what one often read in the last years of his pontificate," Ganswein continued, adding that Benedict is now confident that history will be responsible for his vindication.

Knowing that Benedict is at peace is comforting for people who worried about him and his health when he announced his resignation last year. He said that he wanted to live his life privately -- in isolation -- and he has done so. He spends his days alone, in prayer, and it sounds like he has a stronger faith, and a somewhat restored belief in himself.

According to Ganswein, Pope Emeritus Benedict doesn't regret his decision to leave The Vatican. It sounds like he is better now and that he has been able to really pray and think on things in a way that has helped him move forward in this new chapter of his life.

Although Benedict is at peace, that doesn't mean that he has completely let go of his faith or his past. It just means that he has taken the time to accept that what he cannot change.

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