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Benedict at peace: Former pope has no regrets of stepping down

Former Pope Benedict at peace with decision.
Former Pope Benedict at peace with decision.
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A whole year after resigning the papacy leaves Pope Emeritus Benedict at peace over his decision to step down. Patheos reports Feb. 10 in an interview cited on Reuters that someone close to Benedict gave a rare interview.

Archbishop Georg Ganswein works with the former pope and is the head of Pope Francis' household. He shared how Pope Francis' predecessor feels a year later. He said first and foremost, that Benedict is at peace with the enormous decision to end his papacy on Feb. 11, 2013. He was the first pope to go through with that in 600 years. Health strains were behind the decision to officially leave his position.

Ganswein has known and assisted Benedict since 2005 -- before his election. There are no hard feelings against "critics who the Vatican says misunderstood him."

Ganswein added that Benedict's work will one day speak for itself.

“I am certain, indeed convinced, that history will offer a judgment that will be different than what one often read in the last years of his pontificate,” Ganswein said.

With such a drastic decision that cannot be taken back, hearing Benedict at peace over his resignation is a good thing. When someone of faith steps down from such a high honor to serve the Lord, he must stand firm in his convictions.

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