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Ben Van Houten dead at 39: Dad of sextuplets dies erecting trampoline for kids

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Ben Van Houten, the father of sextuplets, has died. Houten was only 39 years old and had just set up a trampoline for his seven children when the heart attack hit. Van Houten had seven children, the sextuplets are ten and he also had a seven-year-old daughter, according to MSN News on April 11.

The sextuplets made headline news 10 years ago when Ben’s wife Amy gave birth to all six children in a three-day period back in 2004. The six kids were born in Grand Rapids Hospital, near Holland, Michigan where the Van Houtons live. He was a dad who was always with his kids, said his father-in-law, Calvin Reimink.

“Just to know Ben for even one day would be a blessing,” Reimink said when talking about his son-in-law to the press. Sue Herweyer of Dykstra Life Story Funeral Homes in Holland said that Ben died Wednesday night. The couple became an overnight sensation with the birth of their sextuplets back in 2004.

After setting up the trampoline in the yard, Van Houten started to play with his kids when he had the heart attack. Van Houten’s own father died when he was 40 from a heart attack. The pictures online today show Van Houten with his kids through the years since they were born, according to the Holland Sentinel today.

Ben spoke with the Holland Sentinel back in 2007 and he said it was the support of the community that helped get the kids to where they were today. Their hometown newspaper has interviewed the Van Houten's through the years and Ben would usually let his wife Amy do all the talking. He did however voice the joys of being a father to his loving brood.

Ben’s wife Amy released a statement through their church calling her husband the “most selfless” person she has ever met. Ben and Amy had been married 15 years. The six babies were very tiny at birth, with the largest only weighing in at two pounds. Two of the sextuplets have cerebal palsy.



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