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Ben Sasse - "Created" Candidate

Ben Sasse

With the ascension of the Tea Party movement, it has become increasingly important to gain grassroots support to fuel a successful candidacy. That support is usually garnered by participation in initiatives and efforts for which the grassroots activists in your state give their time, talent and treasure.

In other words, you gotta get your hands dirty to claim credit for the work. You have to put your body in close proximity to the bodies of those folks who spend thousands of hours throughout the year making phone calls, holding signs, and sending mail and emails to influence policy, trying with all their heart to preserve the few remaining shreds of constitutional government we yet enjoy.

Until now.

This time around, if you weren’t actually involved in the efforts, you can pretend you were, and a whole host of Establishment GOP groups will be willing to spend millions of dollars to help you convince Nebraska voters that your fiction is real.

Heck, you don’t even have to stop there. You can run ads essentially saying “Not only was I there, I was one of the leaders! If you didn’t see me, it just means you weren’t part of the real leadership.”

Our media used to force candidates to back up assertions like that – in the old days, when honesty was a virtue, not a commodity. Now these inventions are simply repeated endlessly, and an increasingly incurious electorate accepts it at face value.

In my writing career, I have met and interviewed many candidates and elected officials, both local and national. I’ve met some pretty “crafted” candidates, but I have never before encountered a candidate so obviously (and brazenly!) “created” as Ben Sasse.

I can’t find anyone who recalls seeing him at a single Tea Party event. According to The Hill newspaper, his own campaign couldn’t come up with a single event he had attended before announcing his candidacy for the US Senate.

One prominent Republican in our state even posted a substantial reward to anyone who could provide him with video evidence of Ben Sasse at a Tea Party rally, event or protest…ever. The reward remains unclaimed.

Shane Osborn is my pick for US Senate. Shane Osborn has been a steady conservative, a solid defender of the Constitution and a Tea Party guy from the beginning.

Ben Sasse on the other hand, would fit right in in Washington, and quite honestly, that’s the problem. I want a man who isn’t an establishment GOP puzzle piece, with a slot reserved in the jigsaw of Washington DC.

Ben Sasse, in my opinion, is a fraud and his invented Tea Party bona fides are wearing shabbily thin.
I urge Nebraskans to withdraw their support for Sasse before it’s too late, and we find ourselves with John McCain and Lindsay Graham’s ideological soul-mate as our junior Senator from Nebraska.

Join me in voting for Shane Osborn for US Senate.

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