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Ben Folds Five reunite with new album and upcoming tour

Ben Folds Five formed in 1993 in North Carolina. The band was best known for their song, "Brick," which made its way on MTV and all local radio stations across the United States. The band was a collection of piano rock, a guitar, and a cello. They got little air play due to its eclectic sound. Eventhough they were never mainstream those true BFF fans wholeheartedly gathered in hopes the band would continue their collection of soft alternative sounds. The band initially broke up in 2000. Afterwards Ben Folds went solo and became a very well known amongst independent radio stations, and created a fan base of his own. And, opening for artists such as John Mayer.

Ben Folds Five's upcoming album cover

After 8 years BFF reunited once again taking part in the Myspace tour, which included bands to play a complete set of one of their albums. They decided to go with, The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. Which included, "Don't change your plans, magic, and Your Redneck Past"

The band decided at the end of 2011 that they would record a new upcoming album together. Ben Folds stated that their is enough material for two albums, which is getting the attention of BFF's initial fan base. The title of the album is, "The sound of life of the mind," which will be released on September 18. Along with this new album they will be touring around the U.S. and UK. They will be making their rounds to Dallas on September 23 at the Palladium Ballroom.

The tickets are going quick especially to those die hard fans.

But, in the great words of BFF, "Whatever and ever, amen."


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