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Ben Fields: On his new album, his roots, and the Bachelorette

Rochester native and singer/songwriter Ben Fields played Rockwood Music Hall here in New York City and his laid back style and grooves reminds you of a throwback to the 1950s—you know when music was cool. Fields brings back soul at a time when everything in the mainstream just seems incredibly fabricated and plastic. “I live in America. If you play music that is obscure or throwback and enough people hear your music you could probably make a career out of it.” His guitar playing is ethereal and is reaching a bigger audience as we speak including Europe and Australia, where the singer lived for a while.

Ben Fields

His appearance on ABC’s dating reality show, The Bachelorette, was an “amazing one”, as he puts it at the least. He found it to be a splendid time performing his current single, “Extraordinary Light”, the single behind his first love.

Fields finds Tom Petty and the Beatles to have a tremendous influence on his career. He remembers his parents were reluctant of him to go to his first Tom Petty concert due to a lot of illicit things going on at the show, but went nonetheless to experience his biggest influence firsthand.

Fields's new album has samples of R&B and wanted to make a nod to that. He was not used to making a reference to the R&B genre, but the album has an over-all cohesive sound at best.

To see an exclusive look at his performance of “Fragile Little Heart” at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall, please check out his performance in the video. Examiner sat down with Fields to talk about his music, his roots, and his famed appearance on the Bachelorette. His new album is out now.

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