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Ben Carson: Obama Regime acting like gestapo

Reacting to the indictment of Dinesh D'Souza by the Obama (in)Justice Department and the targeting by the IRS of critics of the Regime, retired Nuerosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson says the Obama Regime is “acting like gestapo.” In a recent interview with World Net Daily, Dr. Carson condemned the actions against political opponents and critics taken by the Obama Regime.

Ben Carson says the Obama Regime has acted like gestapo
Carson Scholars

“I believe we are dealing with an extremely corrupt administration,” Ben Carson said.

The Internal Revenue Service sent agents to question Dr. Carson last year, after he had given the speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, in which he called for simple free market-based health care reform and criticized political correctness while President Barack Obama sat just a few feet away from the podium where Dr. Carson spoke. The White House had reportedly tried to prevent Dr. Carson from making the speech about health care reform.

“I’ve always been someone who has been very careful about my finances and the way I take care of my business,” said Dr. Carson. “I’ve never undergone this kind of scrutiny before, but then it comes after the prayer breakfast. They’re harassing my family. They’re harassing my colleagues. And they’re not finding anything – so that just makes them dig a little deeper.”

Carson found Obama's comments, in a recent interview with Bill O'Reilly, to be disturbing. Dr. Carson said, “What (Obama) said was that his administration was not guilty of any wrongdoing with regard to the IRS and he blamed Fox News for reporting it. I don’t think he would be happy unless Fox News were shut down and there was no more criticism of his actions.”

It is clear that the Regime is using the IRS and other departments of government to harass and persecute those who oppose or criticize the Regime. It was well know the Obama Regime, during the restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler, disproportionately shut down dealerships owned by Republicans or those who donated to Republicans. The Regime raided the manufacturing facilities of the Gibson Guitar Company for using the wrong kind of wood, yet the other major guitar manufacturers used the same exact kind of wood in their guitars. The only difference, the CEO of Gibson Guitars donated to Republicans candidates for public office while the CEOs of the other guitar companies donated to Democrats.

There is no doubt the Obama Regime is a lawless, out of control, and wants to be a fascist regime. If you like this kind of government, you can vote for Hillary in 2016.

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