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Ben Carson: Americans are losing first amendment rights to marriage equality

Ben Carson
Ben Carson
Fox News

During a March 11th, 2014 appearance on the Family Research Council's Washington Watch, Ben Carson told Tony Perkins "people everywhere from politicians down to the lowliest person in our society" are "terrified" of speaking out on issues such as gay rights.

Yup. It's the American Taliban's favorite talking point: Not letting them treat non-Christians as second-class citizens is a violation of their rights.

When Perkins asked him why he felt politicians weren't more vocal in their opposition to marriage equality, Carson even managed to name-drop one of the right's favorite boogeymen with his insistence that members of the "PC police" are using "Alinskyite-type rules" to restrict "the freedom of speech [and] the freedom of expression."

Which is an utterly ridiculous claim. As anyone who is a regular reader of this column can testify, the anti-gay camp is incredibly vocal and not afraid to promote outright lies as fact and to push for legislation outright restricting gay rights.

Ben Carson and Tony Perkins should both already well aware of this, the former having insisted that homosexuality leads to pedophilia and bestiality while the latter has expressed concerns that gay tolerance will lead to humanity's extinction. And neither one of them has been subject to anything more than open ridicule.

Whether Ben Carson likes it or not, freedom of speech is not a right exclusive to his side of the aisle. It also allows his ideological opponents to express themselves, ergo, whenever someone tells Carson what they think of his latest conspiracy theory, Carson's right to freedom of speech is not being violated.

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