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Bob Bradley proves how he has been successful as an American Pharaoh

Ben Bradley
Ben Bradley
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Think of this new PBS Distribution DVD and you may utter "tut, tut."
That's because American Pharaoh goes behind the scenes with the Egyptian national soccer team–the “Pharaohs”–and its former American coach, Bob Bradley. The film, by Egyptian filmmaker Hossam Aboul-Magd, follows the team’s efforts to qualify for soccer’s ultimate event for the first time in more than 20 years. In production for more than two years, the film sets the soccer team’s challenge to succeed against the backdrop of the incredible turmoil in Egypt today.
King tuts, all of them?
American Pharaoh will be available on DVD July 8.
“This is not just a film about soccer,” says Aboul-Magd. “This is about my country, my team, a coach I respect and the dream of capturing the World Cup in spite of enormous challenges. I see the goal of developing a strong team, in the middle of a revolution, as a metaphor for the rebuilding of Egypt.”
“When Hossam approached PBS with this idea, we were immediately on board,” says Bill Gardner, Vice President, Programming and Development, PBS. “This film not only tells a compelling story, but also provides a unique window into Egyptians’ ongoing struggle to define themselves during a time of national unrest. The journey of the Pharaohs on the road to the World Cup with the perspective of their American coach make this a truly unusual and intimate film.”
After a successful run as coach of the U.S. men’s national soccer team, reaching the second round in the 2010 World Cup, Bradley signed on to coach the Egyptian team in September 2011. Faced with ongoing violence and political strife within the country, the team must remain united and work together to reach their ambitious goal.
American Pharoah follows Bradley–only the third American coach to manage a foreign team–his wife, Lindsay, his staff and his players. In gaining access to the training camps and providing in-depth coverage of the Pharaohs’ games in Africa, the filmmakers document the team’s personal and professional struggles to keep their eyes on the prize of getting to the World Cup while living in and representing a country in turmoil.

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