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Ben Affleck could be rethinking his future with 'Batman vs. Superman'

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According to Cinematallica on Jan. 21, it appears that the delay of "Batman vs. Superman" has instigated the possibility of Ben Affleck rethinking his future as the Batman in the Zack Snyder film. The film has been pushed back further to 2016 and issues involving script writer David S. Goyer has given the actor/filmmaker some concerns of a move to reschedule the project and thus placing it far beyond where Affleck feels where it needs to be.

The push to move "Batman vs. Superman" even further may even conflict with Affleck's plans to shoot his "Live By Night" project this fall. This could further reinforce his decision that may not be in favor of Warner Brothers. Goyer, who is also set to write for the "Justice League" film as well as other studio notes getting caught up in the mix. That being said, it comes to no surprise that Affleck would ask that Warner Brothers get their act together or find another Batman.

This could mean that if Affleck, who is also a director and has experience with film making himself, decides to walk out as the Caped Crusader, this may not paint a good image of Warner Brother's decision to reschedule the "Man of Steel" sequel.

Interestingly enough, Warner Brothers may be a good sport enough to let Affleck gracefully "bow out" if need be so as to not deal damage to current non-DC projects. At this point, the ball is in his court to move on or to stick around.

If Affleck does decide to stick with the project, then everyone can go see "Batman vs. Superman" on the rescheduled release date of May 6, 2016.