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Ben Affleck caught counting cards at Hard Rock Las Vegas

Ben Affleck caught counting cards at Hard Rock Las Vegas and banned from table
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

You’d think when you have a face as recognizable as that of Ben Affleck, you’d stay a little more low key. But there he was, playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas and, all of a sudden, everyone’s favorite up-and-coming Batman (not) was banned, according to the New York Post on May 2.

What did Ben do to get himself banned? He was caught card counting. That’s a skill used by so-called “advantage players” where the player keeps track of high and low value cards that have already been played. That knowledge gives the player a better edge on knowing what type of hand is coming up next. It’s not for everybody but, for those who can do it, it increases your chances of winning dramatically.

Ben Affleck knows his card counting. He was playing Blackjack at a high roller table and doing well enough to catch the attention of casino security. Managers approached Ben and told him, “You are playing too well. You are going to have to stop playing blackjack. You can play any other game at the Hard Rock, but you are banned from playing blackjack in our casino.”

It should be noted that card counting is not illegal. However, because of the advantage it gives you over the house, most casinos, at best, discourage it and, at worst, ban you, as the Hard Rock did to Ben Affleck.

Ben was at the casino with wife/actress Jennifer Garner before taking off to Detroit to shoot “Batman vs. Superman,” a film that Batman fans seem to have strong feelings about. When the casting was first announced, there was uproar against Ben Affleck playing the caped crusader. Being the fine actor that he is, I think the fans may be overreacting just a bit.

So why did he count cards? I mean, does Ben Affleck need the money? No, not really. “Celebrity Net Worth” says Ben is worth approximately $75 million. More than likely, it’s a skill he enjoys and it’s a thrill game to see if he can beat the house.

After the incident, Mr. and Mrs. Affleck returned to their hotel in a car obtained by the same security personnel who had just banned him from the Blackjack tables. Again, he is welcome to play any other game at Hard Rock Las Vegas, just not blackjack.

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