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Ben Affleck card counting: Actor banned playing at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Ben Affleck has officially been banned from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. He was caught counting cards while playing Blackjack which of course did not go over well. On Friday night, LA Times shared the news about this drama. It is considered an advantage to count cards and he was asked to leave.

Counting cards it not illegal. It is frowned upon though and the casino doesn't like the advantage that it gives to people who do it. You can't legally get in trouble for it, but they did ask him to leave. Basically he was able to get a big advantage by keeping track of what cards had been played already.

Reports say that he was only banned from playing Blackjack but not from the casino totally. Ben Affleck can still stay there and have a good time but he won't be getting rich. He can even play other games in the casino, but things like slots are more about chance and he can't count like he did on Blackjack.

The hotel actually got Ben and his wife Jennifer Garner a car back to their hotel. They were nice to them about it, but they thought that he was too good at the game. Once they told him that, they told him to feel free to play other games in the hotel. If Ben is smart, he will just move on to another hotel considering he is in Las Vegas and it isn't that hard to find one.

Reality TV World just shared that Ben Affleck is working on a new television project with Matt Damon that will keep him pretty busy. It is a show called "Project Greenlight" that used to air on HBO and is now making a big return. They will both be working as producers on the show but an official air date hasn't been confirmed.