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Ben Affleck busted for card counting at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas

Affleck is said to be "too obvious" with placing his bets. Casino officials accuse him of card counting.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Ben Affleck was busted on Friday night at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. Casino officials accuse the A-list actor of using "perfect basic" techniques to count cards and adjust bets while playing blackjack. According to a Friday report by Radar Online, Affleck was barred from playing around 10 p.m. that night on the grounds that he was adjusting bets based on what cards were left in play.

Affleck is a notorious gambler and has made news for his betting habit in the past. If he's not careful though, Ben is going to get himself kicked out of Las Vegas.

The Hard Rock Casino put out a bulletin alerting other casinos of Affleck's suspected card counting ways. Officials state that the actor was very obviously adjusting bets based on which cards remained while playing blackjack at a high roller's table. He allegedly would adjust bets anywhere from $100 to $10,000 based on the double deck blackjack tables. The act is called "moving money with the count" and it'll get you kicked out of any reputable casino.

At this point, Ben Affleck is still allowed inside all casinos, even the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas where he was removed. This is not his first gambling issue though and it looks like other casinos have already been watching. In April an internal email was sent from an official of the Wynn and Encore casinos to warn dealers that Affleck was being too obvious in the way he plays. They also accused him of card counting and moving money. It seems if Ben Affleck wants to gamble efficiently, he needs to be much more covert about it.

It has been said but unconfirmed that Ben Affleck is not banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas but he is not allowed to play blackjack there anymore. He is free to play any of the other games the casino has to offer. Card counting is not a crime and won't land Affleck in jail but it could get him permanently banned if he tries it again.

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