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Belzona Three, Miami-Dade

Tarpon frequent the area around the Belzona wreck trek area
Tarpon frequent the area around the Belzona wreck trek area
© 2010 Robin V. Burr

The Belzona III, a 100 foot steel tug boat sunk in June of 1991 and rests a long but manageable swimming distance of the Belzona II. The two vessels used to be within visible site of each other, but no longer are due to the force of Hurricane Andrew.

This Tug Boat has been somewhat covered with its surrounding sand, and much of its bow is now hidden, due to various storms over the last nine years. The wreck is covered with growth and it is easy to go inside both the pilot house and the engine area, making it an excellent dive for students or recently certified divers. Barracudas enjoy the shade of the interior compartments, while a school of tarpon can often be seen on the verge of visibility circling the ship.

Rebar had been installed at one time so that divers can safely travel from one ship to the other, but be careful if you start your dive here, as you will more than likely be swimming against the northerly current on your way back at the end of your dive.

The Belzona Three is located at Loran coordinates Lattitude 25 41' 10.0" Longitude 80 5' 13.2"

Robin V. Burr, Scuba Examiner
Personal Scuba Instruction
Miami, Florida USA


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