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Belts add polish and style

Now, more than holding up britches, the belt has become a fashion staple. Women wear belts of all thicknesses and colors as a part of their wardrobe. Slacks, dresses, skirts and jeans have seen the lean, mean belt. These days, the belt is highly stylized, with gorgeous colors/patterns, differing widths and variations on the buckle.

Lovely flower-patterned blouse made less billowy with a thick, red belt that cinches the waist.
Riya Aarini
Stylish belt accentuates the waist in this layered outfit
Riya Aarini

Belt styles differ. Double-belted styles are often worn with slacks or even dresses. Studded leather belts show off a tough, edgy look. Spring and summer belts are often bathed in bright or pastel colors to match this season’s splash of color in all pants, skirts and dresses.

Body type makes a difference in how the belt suits you:

If you sport an athletic body type, you most likely have slim hips. You can get away with belts riding along the hip area. (Petites, be warned, belts at the hips shorten your gams!) Slim belts have a tendency to flatter slender figures.

Curvaceous gals of all heights may choose a belt that rides along the waist. Worn along the waistline, the belt accentuates the bosom area. Very feminine! If paired with an a-line skirt, the waist appears to be the tiniest part of the body. Belts that cinch the waist also give the fashionista mile-long legs. Curvy women look best in wide belts.

A Little History of the Belt

The Bronze Age—yes, my friends, that long ago!—was an era when belts were worn by both men and women of good taste … and bad … but who’s to say way back then? Much, much, later on, as in the 1920s, men wore belts to hold their britches up.

Belt Variations

· The Goth and punk belt is studded with metal and made of black leather.

· Karate, anyone? In karate, a belt is used to signify the level of expertise of the wearer.

· Japanese kimonos are fitted with a belt called the obi.

· Tool belts and police belts are all utility belts, made to serve a purpose and help provide a service.

· Women don a breast belt to hold her bosom up.

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