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Beltane ritual with Tejas Web


Beltane is tomorrow!

At 3pm on May 1st, Tejas Web is having a Beltane Celebration with the Fae at the Vortex.  The free event includes a traditional Maypole dance, jumping the Beltane fire, and leaving gifts for the Fae.

What do the Fae like?

  • Shiny things
  • Natural things

Shiny may be a new coin or a polished gem.  Natural may be a fresh flower or a sprig of herb.  Whatever gift you choose to offer, it should be bio-degradable.  I suspect the Fae are none too happy with the modern American tendency toward over-consumption and frivolous waste brought on by rushed modern American lives.   We need to reflect on what they would like to receive rather than what we have time to give.

What should I wear?

Wear something special, something that expresses you and the magic you are working at Beltane.  What do you love?  What do you desire?  Be creative and find a way to incorporate that concept into your ritual attire.  Remember that a fire will be burning, however.  Long, flowing sleeves and full skirts don't usually jump a fire well.  Remember, too, that Beltane is a fertility festival.  Expect people to dress accordingly.  Of course, expect children, too -- they are the result of the fertility of years past, after all.

Following the ritual

If you stick around after the ritual, you can participate in the Faery Masque Ball.  Sleeping Beauty will be on the main stage.  Performers will be in the yard.  A DJ will playing music for Beltane revelers to dance to.  Admission is still free -- although donations ($10 to $30 according to the Tejas Web announcement) will gladly be accepted in support of the Vortex.

The Vortex is located at 2307 Manor Road, Austin, Texas 78722.

For more information:

Visit the Tejas Web News and Updates blog



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