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Beltane festival begins today

At first sight, Walpurgis Night, or "Beltane" may seem innocent and playful—a celebration of life and fertility. What the reader is never told when reading about this celebration, however, is that in evil circles, it involves the rape and slaughter of innocent children.

The Beltane festival celebrates fertility and new life Photo:
The Beltane festival celebrates fertility and new life Photo:
The Beltane festival celebrates fertility and new life Photo:

Beltane is included in the three spring fertility festivals, along with Imbolc (1) and Ostara, (2) ancient Celtic (3) rituals. Interestingly, it is those parts of Europe where the Celtics settled that are most involved in satanic blood rituals.

Christina Aubin writes for "The Witches' Voice" (4) that "Beltane is a time of "'no time' when the veils between the two worlds are at their thinnest. No time is when the two worlds intermingle and unite and the magic abounds!"

While others are dancing around the Maypole (5) (which, by the way, is really a phallic symbol), dozens of innocent little girls will be raped and murdered in satanic sacrifices.

One can only wonder if the royal family, the Rothschilds, Joseph Ratzinger, and the Bushes have cleared their calendar for tonight.

Arizona Wilder, (6) a ritual abuse survivor, participated in an interview with David Icke in the late 90s wherein she discussed other pagan holidays. According to Wilder, rituals take place every month of the year, along with every full moon, summer solstice, winter solstice, and the vernal and fall equinoxes.

"And there are Samhain, (7) and there is Beltane. There is Imbolc in February; there is Lughnasadh, (8) which is in the beginning of August. There's a whole week leading up to Beltane. It's also leading up to Samhain; it's called Grand Climax," Wilder said.

According to Wilder, Halloween is the beginning of a series of three nights of rituals. There are six different locations, for those to whom she refers as the "Council of Thirteen." That night, she claims, is about the worship and homage to Satan, involving "a lot of bloodshed and there are sacrifices made to Satan."

Americans' attempt to downplay the evil side of Halloween by calling it the Harvest Festival does little to mitigate its true meaning.

And I mean, what else I'm gonna say, what is going on, on Halloween in this country is just becoming so popular. It is also to desensitize people to the whole thing. And even this backlash Christian movement that wants to call it the Harvest Festival does not realize that the Harvest Festival has to do with Druidic religion. And again, they are still doing the same thing in celebrating the Harvest Festival. That's what the Harvest Festival is about.

Wilder explained that while Christians are celebrating Christmas, Satanists are celebrating the winter solstice. (9) During that time, they observe a Druidic day called "That Day Which is Not a Day," which commemorates the killing of the old king and the birth of the new king.

There is a ceremony, she said, that occurs at midnight on the 24th or 25th of December called "The Last Bulb on the Tree."

That is something that's used with children. It's part of programming them into the whole thing. And there were things that would happen to the child that hung the last bulb on the tree on Christmas Eve. It was a common practice to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and the tree, in itself, is a phallic symbol, and it's paganistic.

Jenny Hill (10) is a ritual abuse survivor who witnessed human sacrifice when she was only a child. Her book, "Twenty-Two Faces" describes the horror of the brainwashing she underwent at the hands of a Nazi brainwashing expert who was paid 50 million dollars by the CIA to conduct his experiments.

In the following short interview, Jenny recalls being strapped to an altar as she witnessed another little girl's ritual murder.

"I remember my spirit had come out of my body, like—it seemed like my spirit had come out of my body, [gesturing] and I was viewing my body on the altar with the legs spread and with these particular things which had spread my legs and then I came back into my body after it was done. It seemed like they had done it to another person. I knew it was me, but they were doing it to—you know, but I had felt like my spirit had come out of my body and I was looking at myself being abused.

"And this man—okay, I've been turned over with my rectum in the air and I remember excruciating pain. I mean, [crying] I remember being a lot of pain in my rectum. Um, it was hot, I—painful, excruciating pain that nerves went up the nose, nerve endings. I just remember an excruciating, waking-up feeling that this hurt so bad. [sobbing] Oh, this was so bad! And I remember those feelings that it hurt—this heat, this hot feeling in my rectum. What they did I have no idea, but it hurt like hell. [laughing] I'm sorry."

"You were silent during this time."

"Yeah, I was. It took everything I had to be quiet and to not scream."

"You were programmed to be silent."


"You didn't scream, but someone else did. Can you tell us what happened?"

"Yeah [crying] I'm trying to. Um, I remember I hurt and all I can remember [sobbing] is her screaming. Oh God! And she would just scream, you know, just scream and scream. Then they stopped what they did to me, and turned me back over and put me back on the table. It was like, 'Oh, something's happened and the ceremony'— and they knew exactly what to do and they didn't care about her screaming [sobbing] at all.

"They didn't care. She just screamed. And I remember [inaudible] if she would just stop—she couldn't stop. She couldn't stop; [crying] she couldn't stop the screaming [sobbing].

"I'm in a hurry, um, I remember the, um, the main man that handled the ceremony [crying] would come over [gesturing] and with a sword—he had a sword and, um, she was still screaming in this terror [sobbing] [inaudible]. And what did I do? I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything. I didn't moan, I didn't groan and I didn't do a damn thing. I just was silent. I didn't say nothin'. I didn't do nothing. And it was—the responsibility was on my head. I felt like, 'Well maybe if I could scream with her they wouldn't. . .' [sobbing] [inaudible]. Oh God!

"[Sigh!] I'm trying to get myself together. I didn't think I'd cry, but I am. And, he had put the sword in twice [gesturing lengthwise along the left side of her chest] and sliced her this way, then sliced her that way [gesturing across the left side of her chest] and I just remember her looking at me. It's all I remember, and she gurgled and passed away. That's all I remember [crying] she stopped screaming; she stopped screaming [sobbing].

"It was all my fault. I can't help but blame myself that it was all my fault."

Pray for the innocent little angels tonight, that God may somehow intervene on their behalf and finally say, "Enough!"