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Beloved Seattle family dog still missing, hundreds of posters removed

Beloved Seattle family dog still missing, hundreds of posters removed
Beloved Seattle family dog still missing, hundreds of posters removed
Courtesy of the Podhola family

A beloved family dog named "Deuce" has been missing since Oct. 5, 2013 - and his entire family, including two young children, continue to search tirelessly for their missing family member.

Beloved Seattle family dog still missing, hundreds of posters removed
Courtesy of the Podhola family

The bulldog's family pleads for his safe return even as hundreds of "missing" posters continue to be removed by unknown persons around the Seattle area. On Friday, Jan. 3, Deuce's photo was shared by KIRO 7 Eyewitness News. Their Facebook post stated:

PLEASE SHARE: This is Deuce. He disappeared from his Crown Hill home in October - and his family is still looking for him. You can find info at Bring Deuce Home.

The Podhola family also made a YouTube video of their missing dog.

Deuce, who lives with his family in Seattle off of NW 101st St., disappeared from his yard at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 5.

"I was away for the afternoon volunteering at a preschool fundraiser and my husband was at home with the kids," explained Deuce's guardian, Jessica Podhola.

In the months since Deuce's appearance, his family has grieved over the missing dog. Their Christmas Facebook post stated:

Christmas came and went, still no Deuce. I spent time looking through our old Christmas photos, Deuce was in nearly every one. Not this year. An empty stocking hung on the mantle. A grim reminder that we have yet to find you, Deuce. As 2014 approaches I resolve to find you, to bring you home.

Deuce has been a beloved member of the Podhola family for seven years. The sweet bulldog has lovingly watched over the Podhola children and his absence is felt every minute of every day.

"Deuce was my first baby," stated Jessica Podhola.

"He often came to work with me. He guarded me while I was pregnant. He loved our kids (Enzo, age 3 and Mila, 22 months), and he especially enjoyed hugs and cuddles from Mila. And more importantly, he loved their leftovers and crumb trails. He would do anything for food - any food," Podhola recalled.

Have you seen this missing dog?

Podhola added: "He's not just a dog. He's not just a pet. He's part of our family."

The Podhola family has worked diligently to ensure that their missing dog comes home - but despite the diligent work of the family and several volunteers, their "missing" posters continue to go missing themselves.

"If people want to help, we've had a huge problem keeping our signs up," Podhola stated.

"They are coming down almost as fast as we can get them up. We had about 50 signs up and down Aurora from 130th to the Aurora bridge and just two days later they were all taken down except one. We had the same problem on 85th Avenue and 15th Avenue, as well."

Missing dog posters are often taken down during occurrences of theft. Because he is microchipped and motivated to stay close to home, the Podhola family believes that this is a stolen dog case - and there have only been a few promising leads.

"Deuce is microchipped and we've been checking with all of the shelters in the area," Podhola explained.

"He's not the type to wander off or stray far from home, especially around feeding time. In addition, it would be very unlikely he could make it out of the cul de sac as the streets surrounding our townhouse are extremely busy (100th Ave NW and Holman/3rd in Crown Hill)."

Three months later, this stolen dog case looks to be growing cold - but the Podhola family won't give up on Deuce.

"He's small for a male English bulldog, weighing in around 58 pounds," Podholda stated.

"He's extremely friendly and would go with just about anyone, especially if they offered food. He has been neutered. He's short and stocky and he only comes up to your knee."

Podhola added: "If he returned, it would mean the world to us. We've lost a member of our family. He's so much more than just a pet; he was an integral part of our daily lives."

Do you have any information about this missing dog? If so, please contact Jessica Podhola at 206 351 5304.

Updates to this missing dog story will be posted as they occur.

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