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Beloved 16-bit video game Uniracers turned 20 years old this month – or did it?

Uniracers box art.
Uniracers box art.

Celebrating the anniversaries of classic video games can be a fun endeavor. It reminds us how old while we are, while also maybe rekindling some nostalgic feelings we had for the digital adventures of a bygone era. While the milestones may be ultimately arbitray, hitting a clean decade mark tends to have a nice ring to it.

So, how does one find the release date of a given video game? Well, for many people these days, a couple options that quickly pop into mind are Google and Wikipedia, which go hand-in-hand somewhat. In regards to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), you may already know that Wikipedia has a handy list of all the games released for the system.

Given that list, you could spot Uniracers there, a fun title, with a very specific release date: June 1, 1994. Wow, that would make it 20 years old this month. You could stop there, and be quite satisfied with having discovered an enjoyable little historical tidbit.

But wait. The game's individual Wikipedia page says something altogether different, citing a release date of December 1994 instead. Now that we definitely know we cannot trust Wikipedia as a source, what source can we go to for reliable information? Thanks to the research efforts of @Mrarkon on Twitter, this official Nintendo document may have to suffice – and does corroborate the December date instead.

Strangely, it can be very difficult to pin down the exact calendar dates of given game releases, especially before everything was archived on the Web. Nonetheless, at the very least, we can rest in the knowledge that a mere Wikipedia search will not satisfy those truly looking for answers. By now, we should know better anyway, right?


Eric Bailey blogs at, where he is reviewing every American-released NES video game. He also serves as Editor-In-Chief of retro gaming features site, and can be followed on Twitter @Nintendo_Legend.

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