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Belmont Shore 'Stroll and Savor' is deliciously fun for the entire family

Belmont Shore 'Stroll and Savor' summer event.  Purchasing food tickets.
Belmont Shore 'Stroll and Savor' summer event. Purchasing food tickets.
Photo by Ella Batalon

Located just three and half miles east of downtown Long Beach is the friendly community of Belmont Shore. With over a half mile of shops, restaurants and a variety of services—2nd Street is the business district and heart of this active beachside community bustling with leisurely strollers, dog walkers and other animal companions, avid bicyclists and its array of social festivities.

Belmont Shore 'Stroll and Savor'

One social event that brings the community together and from surrounding areas is a very popular summer event for food lovers yearning to try a variety of restaurant fare that Belmont Shore has to offer without draining the wallet.

"Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor" is a taste of Belmont Shore and its over 45 restaurants ranging from all American to a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and goodies—offering samples of the finest and first-rate dishes off their menus.

This monthly event starts in May and ends in September. June's 'Stroll and Savor' event this past Wednesday and Thursday began at 5:30 p.m. with the sale of food tickets—a book of 12 tickets for only $10 sold in front of the Chase Bank with Executive Director of the Belmont Shore Business Association Dede Rossi helping with ticket sales.

For many first-timers the experience is a gastronomic adventure as many strolled up and down 2nd Street eager to wait patiently in long lines to sample and savor everything. Belmont Shore is also a very dog friendly community offering dog treats to include canine companions. And if you run out of tickets many restaurants are more than happy to accept cash to purchase a food item.

Local musicians offered musical entertainment from 'Rock and Roll', 'Eighties Revival' to 'Karaoke' with a live pianist and a talented guitarist/drummer on the back of a pickup truck.

This is a wonderful event for the entire family including the family pet. And for those who missed this month's 'Stroll and Savor' there is always next month. The following dates are: July 16 and 17, Aug 13 and 14, and Sept 17 and 18. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 9 p.m. Parking is not the greatest in the Belmont Shore area so I suggest arriving early to get a spot.

For more information about Belmont Shore 'Stroll and Savor' or future events, please visit their website:

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