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Bellydance your way to wellness

Shimmy your way to health and wellness
Shimmy your way to health and wellness
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Exercise is vital to physical health as well as mental and emotional health. But, if you're like me, the mere mention of the word exercise can send me running to the couch with a big bowl of "Death by Chocolate" ice cream.

Until now, that is. I have found a way to exercise that actually has me up and moving, and loving every minute of it. What is this exercise that has the power to break the bond between me and my couch? It's the wonderful world of bellydance.

I figure anything that lets me play with silk veils and sparkly, tinkly hip wraps has just got to be good for me. And it is. It's fun. It's mystical. But it's a work out, too. I'm using muscles that I didn't even know existed. For something so feminine in origin, it takes a lot of strength and endurance to actually do it. And I'm getting plenty of cardio and burning calories with every shimmy.

As the oldest member of my bellydance class, and possibly of the entire school, I have another observation. Bellydance is a great, low impact workout that has the potential to keep me flexible and toned as I continue on my path as a "woman of a certain age".

And maintaining our strength and mobility is so important as we get older. Move it or lose it. It will make all the difference in our later years.

Want to try it out? Contact Bellydance Academy, 2938 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, NY 983-7788 or visit their website at

And don't forget your sparkly things!


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