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Belly dancing to tone your muscles

Are you looking for a new, fresh dance exercise? Try belly dancing, an exotic way to lose weight and tone your muscles.

Belly dancing- an exotic workout
Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Belly dancing is a full body workout and burns up to 300 calories an hour. A low impact cardio aerobic activity, belly dancing is a flowing dance movement that tones the core and more. The dance involves bending, swaying and turning movements.The abs, hips, arms, shoulders and chest muscles are engaged during belly dancing.

The core muscles become stronger for overall spine strength- improving posture and preventing joint problems. The arm movements builds upper body muscles. It takes quite a bit of strength to keep the arms swaying for a long period of time. This total body workout helps reduce stress which leads to weight loss.

Choose a belly dance class wisely. Some classes involve non-aerobic movement with slow drills focusing on hip circles, figure 8's or arm movements. Other belly dance classes are designed to raise the heart rate and weight loss.

Other benefits of belly dancing include the following:


*Prevents back pain

*Improves balance


*Aids in digestion

Overall, belly dancing is a fun exotic way to stay fit.

Stay fit and fabulous!

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