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Bello Moi beauty and travel

Bello Moi in France
Bello Moi in France
Bello Moi

Bello Moi is the one-stop online beauty store for all your skin care needs. The enchanting entrepreneurs are Carol and Logan Lezell, the dashing mother-daughter team who are willing to take us all on - skin issues and all!

Today, we pause to discuss another important aspect of their lives together - traveling.

How have things changed since starting the Bello Moi skincare line?

From something as innocent as crows' feet and redden skin, it has turned into a new phase of life for us. Our business takes us all around the word. We just had a brief get-a-way to Paris. Time was spent investigating new Paris skincare treatments. Seems like the Parisian is very loyal to their facials. The trip wasn't all work; we saw the great sites of Paris and just enjoyed some “mother/daughter” time.

What is the best part of traveling?

People watching. Discovering new foods both healthy and decadent. The most interesting thing about traveling is the new people you meet, the exposure to different cultures and local beauty rituals. After every trip I always feels enriched, energized and so happy to be doing what I am doing. By creating our skincare brand, we hope to reach to and touch and help so many different nationalities.

So, what is the worst part about travel?

Your skin and body get so dehydrated, I always go make up-free on the plane to let my skin breathe and slather on our Ultra Rich Hydrating Crème. This boosts the moisture content of my skin. I will skip coffeeor alcohol on the plane and OD on water. That night, I will follow up with our masque to get my skin back to normal.

Thank you for your time today. Truly, it's always a pleasure!


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