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Bellis Dog Park, Buena Park, CA - Small, But Mighty.

A lazy, hot day at the park.
A lazy, hot day at the park.
G. Wendel

While just a half-acre in size, this dog park is more than adequate, and comes complete with a faithful, local following. You'll be welcomed here no matter where you’re from, so stay a while and join in on the conversation. The cozy size brings people and dogs together. It appears that a dog park was sorely needed in the area and the city of Buena Park dedicated this one just a year and a half ago.

This is definitely one of the more unusual dog parks in the South Los Angeles area with its long, narrow rectangular shape, lack of shade (manageable except in 100 degree plus Summer heat), and a sidewalk forming a stripe down the middle. The terrain consists of short grass. Three dog bag stations allow convenience of grabbing a bag on the fly.

A big plus is the water fountain with an easy push button. Several of the park goers that day stated that the water is very clean. Another bonus are the tennis balls were readily available, left behind by those playing tennis at the adjacent court who were just too darn lazy to retrieve balls going over the fence. The dogs don't mind!

And just outside of the park is a cellular tree, not to be mistaken for the real deal. Let's assume no problems with dropped calls while visiting here.

The people using the park, as observed on a recent visit, were talkative and actively playing with their dogs. The nearby neighborhood has lots of apartments, and this park provides an outlet for dogs to run free safely for those without backyards. Many tennis balls were tossed, and several dogs drooled happily in the heat of the day. Small and large dogs played together harmoniously. For some photos depicting some of the action click here and scroll down.

The Bellis dog park is a small part of George Bellis Park, an area of over 22 acres offering an array of amenities. For more information on the park at large, click here.

Hours of operation: Daily, 8am to dusk, except Wednesdays, when the park opens at 10am. The park is located at 7171 8th Street in Buena Park, CA, close to Interstate 5, and is easy to reach from many areas of Los Angeles County. For a map of the area, click here.

In Orange County, from the I-5 heading north, take the exit for CA-91 W (exit 113C). Go 2 miles; take exit 23A, Knott Avenue. Turn Right unto Knott, then in ¾ of a mile, make a right onto 8th street. Park is on the left side.

From the Los Angeles area take US-101 S to I-5 South. Exit at Knott Avenue (exit 117). Go ½ of a mile, and make a Left onto 8th Street.



  • Jayne Lamp 5 years ago

    It's so nice to see that apartment dwelling dog's have a nice little place to stretch their leg's. Not only do they get to have some fun but quality time with their owner's.

  • Debbie G. 5 years ago

    I am glad that there is another dog park for people to take their pooches!It looks like there is a little bit of shade depending on what time you are there. As an apartment dweller, I appreciate this park. Thanks,Gerry, for an informative article!

  • rockfollies 5 years ago

    looks like a nice place

  • @Sean_Kinney 5 years ago

    What a fun job for an animal lover!

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