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Bellevue Meetup hikers enjoy March 1 easy beginners hike

Thirteen hikers from the New to Nashville (or want to meet new friends) in Bellevue Meetup group, usually just called Bellevue Meetup, met at the Edwin Warner Park Natchez Trace Trailhead cabin in the Bellevue side of the park to enjoy an easy beginners walk in the park on Sat., March 1.

March 1 Bellevue Meetup Hike
March 1 Bellevue Meetup Hike
© Kathryn E. Darden. All rights reserved.
A February 2014 hiking group from Bellevue Meetup and Tennessee Hiking Meetup
© Kathryn E. Darden. All rights reserved.

The weather was beautiful and when the group got to the observation deck, they saw two very tame deer resting under the cedar trees a few yards away. The deer calmly remained in place as hikers talked, laughed and took photos.

The first part of the hike led by Kathryn lasted 1/2 hours and took the hikers about a mile from the entrance of the park to Old Hickory Blvd. and back to the main loop. Those who wanted, headed back to their cars while several opted to make the full circular loop around the park with Lisa, so there was something for everyone at the hike.

The beginner hikes are held in conjunction with Tennessee Hiking Group and HikeNashville and are an ongoing event at Bellevue Meetup hosted every couple of weeks around the weekend.

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