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Belleville's Athletic Advisory Council Goes to Bat for Students

Times continue to be hard for extra-curricular sports in recent years, but the Belleville Athletic Advisory Council brings money in each year to help.

The Belleville Athletic Advisory Council is a Belleville School Board-recognized council that serves as a general advisory group for Belleville Public Schools' interests, according to school officials.

The Council's recommendations concern the areas of evaluation, development and expansion of athletic programs and facilities, officials said.

There are specific projects with that council works with, including community relations, and any other area Board of Education may designate at different times, officials said.

The Council meets bi-monthly to discuss and vote on matters pertaining to those issues and items, according to officials.

Richard Yanuzzi is president of the council, and attends school board meetings each year to update officials on the fund-raising successes, which have included the purchase of a large, inflatable replica of the Buccaneers logo now used at major sports events.

The Belleville Athletic Advisory Council members consist of both community members nominated by the sitting Board of Education, and High School administrators.

Belleville Athletic Advisory Council Members are Yanuzzi; Jeanne Lombardi, School Board Representative; Anthony Santasieri, Treasurer; Janet Galioto, Secretary; GeorgeAnn Polite-Hill, Lisa Kistner, Pat Droste, Tommy Matthews, members; and Russell Pagano, BHS Principal and Thomas D’Elia, Athletic Director, non-voting members.

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