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Bellefonte Road continues from Gurley to Woodville

U.S. Highway 72 in Jackson County, Alabama
U.S. Highway 72 in Jackson County, Alabama
John Hampton

Between Huntsville and Scottsboro lies an old route that existed before the highway was built in the area. The Bellefonte Road was the way to travel in the late 1800s and 1900s. Our first two articles about the Bellefonte Road covered segments of the road along Old Gurley Road between Chapman Mountain and Cedar Gap, Ryland Pike, and the section of Gurley Pike between Maysville and Gurley. We will now look at the segment of Bellefonte Road between Gurley and Woodville.

The old Bellefonte Road between Gurley and Woodville traveled along railroad tracks that connected Huntsville and Chattanooga. That same route is now occupied by U.S. Highway 72 in its entirety.

This route includes the town of Paint Rock, where there is a painted rock outside the town hall. There is also a wildlife conservation park located there. Also along this route is a railroad bridge over the Paint Rock River that dates from the 1860s. It was at this bridge that the Scottsboro Boys were arrested and falsely accused back in the 1930s.

At Woodville, the route of the Bellefonte Road changes again. From there, it follows Alabama Highway 35 into Scottsboro. We will look at that segment of the Bellefonte Road in a future article.

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