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Bella Capo reveals shocking story in "La Bella Mafia"

Bella Capo and her co-authors are booked for many radio shows during the upcoming months. She came out of hiding to write this book and promote abuse awareness.
Bella Capo and her co-authors are booked for many radio shows during the upcoming months. She came out of hiding to write this book and promote abuse awareness.
Houdini Publishing and "Vegas Unwrapped"

Las Vegas, NV. Friday, August 15, 2013. Houdini Publishing announced today that presale has begun at Houdini Publishing and Amazon for the the upcoming October 15 release of their latest book, La Bella Mafia, Bella Capo’s shocking true story as told to co-authors Dennis Griffin and Morgan St. James.

Geno Munari of Houdini Publishing said, “This brave woman came out of hiding to share her life story in order to reach the legions of abused women (and some men) who suffer in silence.”

Shelters provide safety and counseling, which is extremely important in the journey from fear and threats to a normal life, but many are afraid to seek that help. Bella’s online support movement, La Bella Mafia, is a volunteer support network of women who have walked in those shoes. Women who were in such dire circumstances they had to turn off all emotion in order to survive each day.

Bella opens the book with this statement: “I had endured so much, I was beyond feeling anything. Because I believe in angels, I had a crying angel tattooed on my back so it could cry for me when I couldn’t cry for myself.” Through counseling and writing the book, Bella now has the ability to cry for herself, so every page is stained with her tears.

Excerpt from the Introduction in Bella’s words.

I never believed I would be able to write about the shocking existence I endured from the time I was only four, but now I know I must if others are to be helped. Bella is not my given name, but it is who I have finally become and this is my story. My co-authors, Dennis Griffin and Morgan St. James, held my hand all the way through the trauma of reliving everything and have put my memories and stories into what you are about to read: La Bella Mafia.

I warn you, this book is not for the faint-of-heart. No child or young woman should ever have to go through what I did. If you looked at our family on the surface, we appeared to be living the American Dream with a nice house, luxuries, my father’s successful career and plenty of his important friends. The dark secrets of a sadistically abusive father and brother, sexual abuse, ties to organized crime and free-flowing drugs should have had no place in the life of the little girl who twirled and danced in her perfect pink bedroom while wearing a fluffy tutu.

That lovely image was what everyone saw, while the horrendous underbelly of our family remained hidden, and continued into my life as a teen and an adult. You might think things like these only happen in movies, on TV or in fiction, but let me assure you, everything is true. By all odds, I should have died many times but something in me gave me the strength to close out the horrible reality, the physical abuse and living on the edge.

For more information follow the La Bella Mafia book blog. Munari stated that all copies of La Bella Mafia ordered directly form Houdini Publishing during the presale period from August 15-October 14 will be fully autographed by all three authors.


MORGAN ST. JAMES is the author of ten books in publication and also writes Writers’ Tricks of the Trade columns in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles editions of Her latest book Who’s Got the Money? is a funny crime caper centered around a very clever embezzlement in the Federal prison system. St. James co-authored La Bella Mafia with Dennis N. Griffin as told by Bella Capo.

For more information about Morgan and her other books, visit

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