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Bella Capo helps to kick off Mob Month in Las Vegas

Bella Capo was the abused child of a power broker with organized crime ties. She spent several years in foster homes and even lived on the streets at age 11 rather than live in a million dollar house and suffer abuse. During a period at one foster complex she met actress/activist Ali MacGraw and they bonded immediately. McGraw became her unofficial godmother and wrote the Foreword to in the shocking but inspirational book La Bella Mafia.

Bella Capo will appear at Barnes & Noble in Henderson on January 10
La Bella Mafia
Bella Capo appears at several Las Vegas venues to share her story
Houdini Publishing

As an adult, Bella ran clubs on Hollywood's Sunset Strip and became a powerful woman in that world. But things change and eventually she also became a white woman boss in the Crips gang. Now she devotes her life to helping abuse victims through the online movement she established, La Bella Mafia.

From January 7 through January 11 Bella Capo whose story is told in her memoir La Bella Mafia will be making several appearances in Las Vegas.

On January 7 the program at the Clark County Library celebrating Mob Month was kicked off with Tony "Nap" Napoli, formerly of the Genovese family, Bella Capo, Dennis N. Griffin and Morgan St. James. It was a special evening because Tony "Nap" has been Bella's mentor for 5 years, but this was the first time for them to meet in person. Their entire relationship had been over the phone and internet. Tony introduced her to Dennis N. Griffin and asked him to write her story and Dennis enlisted Morgan St. James as his co-author.

Tonight, January 9 at 9:00 PST, she and her co-authors Dennis N. Griffin and Morgan St. James will be guests on the Vegas Unwrapped Show with popular hosts Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash. You can listen to the show on KLAV 1230 AM in Las Vegas or on the internet at Vegas All Net Radio . The call in number is 702.483.4444.

January 10 Barnes & Noble at 567 N. Stephanie, Henderson NV will host Bella for a chat and book signing. Drop by to meet her in person and while you are there, get your autographed copy of La Bella Mafia. Morgan St. James and Dennis N. Griffin will be there as well, and you can get all three signatures.

January 11 Bella will be at the bookstore at the Mob Museum, 300 E. Stewart Street, Las Vegas. If you have been thinking about visiting this fabulous venue, Saturday is the time to do it. Tour the museum, then stop at the bookstore from 1-5 to meet Bella.

Later that evening from 6:30-7:30 you can chat with Bella Capo up close and personal at the Mob Bar across the street from the Museum in the new Downtown Grand Hotel.

For more information about Bella Capo and La Bella Mafia, visit

If you would like to join a discussion on LinkedIn which will run through January 21, please click the link and once on the page click LIKE. The topic is When Writing a Book Isn't About the Money. The question is: Would you risk the terror and danger of coming out of hiding to write a book to help others?

For more information about Morgan St. James, visit

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