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Belize it or not? Best place to spend the winter if you hate the cold.

Do you hate this cold weather? If so, you are not alone but you have an opportunity to spend the winter in a small country near the U.S. where English is one of the major languages spoken and the people are friendly and welcoming. Where is this paragon of warm weather? It is a small country once known as British Honduras; Belize. Belize is close to Guatemala and is attached by a small finger of land to the mainland of Mexico. It is near several other small countries such as Honduras and San Salvadore and the Central American country Nicaragua. The country can be reached by plane from Atlanta (a 4 hour flight) or Tampa (an hour, tops) or other points in the U.S. Cruise ships often include the island nation as a stop in their itinerary. Small boats can easily access the island from the U.S. coast or Mexico and Central America. It is possible to reach Belize by car but it is not easy.

Belize is a country that contains jungle and ruins of the Aztec past such as pyramids that are mouldering in the jungle clime just waiting to be found. There are many different kinds of jungle flora and fauna as well as a tropical climate. Marine life in Belize is wondrous and any visitor should have a camera with much memory on hand to record what is seen on the reefs and on the shores of the island. Turtles are huge on Belize and so are the numerous different types of fish that can be found while snorkeling or diving the nearby reefs and shoreline areas. The Belize Barrier Reef, 300 or so meters of coral reef surrounding the island, is the number one destination for diving and snorkeling on Belize. There are more than 500 different species of fish located in this area. The reserve has world heritage site designation. is a website where you can find many different adventures to have in this island country. There is sailing, snorkeling and diving as main adventures for the day. Take a trip to the Belize Zoo which covers nearly 30 acres with indigenous animals and birds such as storks, howler monkeys and even crocodiles.

Belize City is in the central area of Belize. It is ethnically diverse and considered the commerce center of the country. It is here you will disembark if you arrive on a cruise because here is the only cruise terminal in Belize. You will also find the larger chain hotels here, bars, restaurants, shops and commerce centers.

Belize isn't just the coastal areas or Belize City; there are many other different areas to explore and lots of things to see and do. Those interested in amateur archaeology should definitely visit Western Belize. Western Belize offers butterfly farms, trails for learning about medicinal plants and herbs, and rainforests. You can also go tubing and zip lining in this area.

This is just a short overview of things to do in Belize. You have a broad choice of places to stay while on the island nation. You can get a short or long term rental of a small house or condo while you are there. You can also choose to stay at an all inclusive resort area while there. There are choices of motels and hotels that provide all the amenities or you can also stay in a hospice.

Remember that you will be able to speak English while you are on the island and that you will also be able to meet up with other English speaking people. You might even find that you wish to buy a place while visiting this quiet island nation. Come on down. Belize is waiting for you.

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