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Believing the endings of movies--a New Year's Resolution?

Bruce Marshall (Bow N Arrow Shop) and Christel Pfeifer (Sausage & More European Delicatessen) pony up New Year's resolutions and more
Bruce Marshall (Bow N Arrow Shop) and Christel Pfeifer (Sausage & More European Delicatessen) pony up New Year's resolutions and more
Rebecca Jefferis Williamson

So your New Year's resolution was to actually believe the endings of movies? Like the ending to the movie "Don Juan"---yah-right--watch it and see if you believe that outcome. An end to Donny boy's adult entertainment addiction. Ha.

But resolutions do not always have to be standard. They could encompass things like:

1. I will have all my friends perform their San Diego Chargers' tricks - lucky superstitious rituals before their next play-off game and next season. This includes excluding any family members that bring a hex to them by watching the game, only wearing Charger socks not the jersey, and performing any rituals in your house that you "know" help them win.

2. Not to use on and off ramps to get around freeway traffic. Muy mal.

3. Not to unfriend every FaceBook friend that goes a little crazy in a thread or post. Toleration. Toleration. Besides it provides a different perspective. And FaceBook should automatically block the posts that are abusive and have bad "s_xual" content messages sent to you.

If you say "no" you don't have any resolutions does that mean you know human nature well enough to know the resolution might not last?

Local Lakeside business owners Bruce Marshall and Christel Pfeifer ponied up more standard answers to what they were looking forward to, having any resolutions, and what's the best thing about post-holiday sales?

Marshall (owner of Bow N Arrow Shop)---looking forward to? "The future, health, and happiness." Resolutions? "No.", and post-holiday sales? "Knowing that there will be more archers in the sport."

Pfeifer (owner of Sausage & More European Delicatessen)--looking forward to? "Going to Germany for a 600 guest wedding." Resolutions? "To live healthier." and "Post-holiday sales? "Not to use credit cards only cash."

Santee resident, John Howard, was also looking forward to going to Germany in 2014 on a musical tour. Howard is a conductor.

El Cajon resident, Linda David, wanted "Prosperity for my five children."

So a little bit of whimsy, the practical, with Germany thrown in, and the "nada" for New Year's resolutions.

And to abuse a phrase --- "What's in your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION wallet?" Hummmmmm.

May be best to keep some "looking forward to" resolutions a secret.

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