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Believe it or not, spring is here

Plant an onion
Plant an onion
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Many are you may have a hard time believing spring has arrived but it has, at least as far as the calendar is concerned. And do you know what that means, it means it is garden time once again.

Generally, the first garden job one encounters in spring is general cleanup. This entails such things as removing and cleaning tomato and pepper cages, etc. for another years use. And once the hardware is removed and cleaned, all the dead plant remains can be cleaned up and placed in the compost pile, unless they come from a diseased plant in which case they should be put in the garbage.

Now that all the hardware and plant debris has been removed from the garden it is time to reinvigorate the soil, the true star of the garden. Good healthy soil provides the beautiful productive garden all gardeners strive for. And what is the best way to create that healthy soil all gardeners want; by adding lots of compost of course. So this is a good time to add a couple inches or so of compost to the soil and till it in. Alternately, you could just leave it on the surface and plant through it, which works quite well if planting transplants.

Also, if you should have pathways between your beds, this is a great time to spruce them up with the addition of fresh wood chips or whatever your pathways are lined with. If they are grass pathways a good raking would be highly recommend.

Now that the garden is ready to go it is now time to put the plan you spent all winter formulating into action and plant something. Onions don't mind a little cold making them a great starter so go out and plant an onion.